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Is Double Glazing a Good Investment?

Any property loses heat and therefore energy through its windows. An investment in double glazing will reduce the heat loss in your home, save energy and keep your home quieter and warmer.

Calculating the benefits of investment in replacement windows

Investing in Double Glazing prevents heat loss

It is worth remembering that although windows tend to lose a lot of heat, they are relatively small surfaces compared to the rest of your house, and actually only account for between 5-10% of the heat loss from your home.

We will look in more detail at the cost of double glazing against the potential savings, but it may not always be worth installing replacement windows purely for the sake of saving energy.

Of course, there are many other advantages to having double glazing installed; It can increase the value of your house, it can make the property look better and reduce noise, and can also improve the security of your home. All of the factors need to be weighed up before deciding whether double glazed windows represent a good investment for you and your home.


What are the costs versus savings?

This is a very difficult concept to weigh up, as each individual property will vary. People often ask what the ‘payback’ period is when they are looking into double glazing. What they mean by this, is how long it will take to recover the cost of having the windows installed, through the money they save on heating and energy bills.

The energy saving trust estimates that by replacing single glazing with double glazed windows, you could save an average of £135 on your energy bills per year. If having the windows installed cost £3000 initially, it would take approximately twenty-two years for the windows to pay for themselves.

As this shows, it is not always as quick a return on your money as some suppliers would have you believe.

It is worth pointing out however, that the above calculation is based purely on the cost versus the saving. It does not take into account the increased value of your home, nor the other added benefits which are hard to put an exact value on.

Save money in energy bills every year and increase the value of your property

Double Glazing is a good investment

For some people the noise reduction may be worth paying for regardless of how long it takes for the windows to pay for themselves.

Will it increase the value of my property?

Replacement windows will almost certainly increase the value of your property. Most people look for it as a big priority when buying a new home. Whether strictly true or not, as there are many other contributory factors, most people are of the belief that modern, double glazed windows save money on heating bills, and reduce the problems of damp and mould.

This is actually only true if the units are installed with adequate ventilation, poorly installed double glazing can increase the chances of damp and mould.

Although the amount that it will increase your property by is difficult to gauge, there is no doubt that because it is desirable to home buyers, that it gives your house extra appeal.

Make sure that the windows you buy are in-keeping with the style of your house, and are of the highest energy rating you can afford.


Are there any other benefits?

To decide whether this upgrade is a good investment for you as an individual, it is essential to weigh up all the pros and cons; and some are difficult to put a value on in terms of cold hard cash.

Double glazed units tend to come with excellent security locks, and most are also able to be locked in a slightly open position to allow airflow without compromising security. If safety is important in your particular area, then replacement windows offer this advantage.

Noise reduction is one of they key benefits. If you live close to a road, a rail station, or an airport for example, blocking out the noises from outside could be especially important, and double glazing would no doubt be a good investment in that type of situation.

Most double glazed units can be purchased with a ventilation system, such as trickle vents. It is essential to maintain good airflow throughout the home to avoid damp problems, and to keep a good flow of fresh air in the house.

Older properties which suffer from condensation and damp could benefit from having new windows installed, to make the house warmer and to help facilitate airflow.


Financing the investment

How you choose to pay will also have an impact on whether it is a good investment. There are several ways to pay for new windows, but it is important to make sure it is an investment you can afford, and not one which will overstretch your budget.

If you buy your new windows on credit, whether by card, loan, or through the suppliers own finance plan, make sure you are able to afford the repayments. Assess the total amount repayable and ask yourself if this upgrade is really worth the extra outlay.

Can you wait unit you have saved up the money and save yourself the interest payments? Does your property need new windows so much that it is worth getting into debt for? As appealing as new windows can be, it is sensible to ask these questions before plunging into such a costly decision.



In general it is fair to say that fitting replacement windows often represents a sound investment. It will save money in energy bills every year, it will increase the value of your property, and it will improve security and help to reduce noise from outside.

As with any home improvement, however, it is difficult to say that it is definitely a good investment in every situation. You should assess all of the benefits before making a decision.

If you are thinking of installing double glazed windows mainly because it will save money on heating bills, bear in mind that it will take many years to actually recover the initial cost before you start to really save money.

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